Mike Harris
Founding partner

Monument Partners

Mike Harris was the creator of the world’s first telephone bank (Firstdirect) and the world’s first serious internet banking play (Egg). He has also been a leader in the Telecoms, Internet and Cyber Security sectors as: Chief Executive of Mercury Communications (which was the world’s first fully integrated telecoms company and also responsible for ending BT’s monopoly in the highly regulated telecoms sector), Chairman of mobile phone company One2One (during its launch of the world’s first digital GSM network) and Chairman of digital identity company Garlik (an award winning, semantic web pioneer) until its sale to Experian in late 2011.

Mike has also been a regular speaker on strategy, leadership and innovation at the mid career MBA course at MIT (from 1996 to 2008) and Chairman of the Innovation Board at Royal Bank of Scotland (from 2005 until March 2009), where he supervised the establishment of a group wide innovation programme. Since 2011 he has helped early stage companies in several different sectors achieve growth momentum, through a proprietary mentoring programme he has developed called IconicShift