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About Braxtone

Established in 2015, Braxtone Insurance Management is an independent insurance manager, licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.  Braxtone specializes in providing professional services to prospective captive owners, insurance and reinsurance firms, including captive management, run-off management, claims management, credit control, receivables management, operational support and consulting.

Braxtone creates solutions that enable its clients and partners to improve their financial and operational performance.  Our team has expertise in alternative risk transfer solutions and a proven track record in managing start-ups, overturning loss-making portfolios into profitable ones, and managing companies with unique challenges such as run-off operations, and forming and managing captives.

Braxtone is recognized in the insurance and reinsurance industry for its extensive knowledge of local and regional regulatory frameworks and requirements.

We strive to offer our clients innovative captive insurance strategies for all kinds of industries by adapting captive insurance models to the needs of the organization with a turnkey captive solution. Our approach involves working closely with our clients to truly understand their needs and build a solution that is aligned with their risk appetite.

Our goal is to provide your business the expertise, experience and efficiency worthy of your business relationship. We work with leading experts and consultants, as well as the regulators in the region, to ensure each project receives the attention and skill set it requires. At Braxtone, we believe in people, this strong belief guides our strategies and differentiates us.  Our team is led by qualified professionals and members in insurance, finance, accounting and company secretarial services.

We presently service American International Group (AIG); with the administration and management of three of AIG’s entities in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as an approved provider. Servicing AIG requires us to manage the entire operation from regulatory interaction, client communication and claims’ handling.  This partnership is testament to our capabilities and the quality of our services.