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Yasaar Capital Limited is part of the Yasaar Group. Collectively, the strong finance team of Yasaar Capital specialises in structuring and arranging Shariah compliant finance products across differing asset classes, while the internal management team derives experience and relationships from investment banks, private equity firms and asset management companies. The team offers a wealth of knowledge and in-depth expertise in specific markets, allowing for the identification and execution of highly attractive investments across the risk/return spectrum, to include; capital gains, diversification, geographical criteria, asset type and intensive management.

Yasaar Capital initiates a research-led process to evaluate key trends and identify suitable opportunities, seeking value creation through its in-house experience in deal structuring, financing, development and Islamic Finance corporate advisory. Yasaar Capital also assists investors in identifying direct investments into fixed income and asset backed investment opportunities.

Yasaar Capital, in association with its joint venture partners, external professional advisers and in-house Shariah advisory team, have created a collegiate structure to offer investors the opportunity to invest into Government or Quasi Government income, asset backed by physical property or capital equipment.

Investments consist of direct investment or through bespoke Shariah compliant products.

Yasaar Capital provides a boutique offering, concentrating on four investment silos:

  • Property
  • Renewable Energy
  • Food Security
  • Tech and FinTech

Services provided/procured include:

  • Fund structure development and establishment.
  • Administration and accounting.
  • Corporate onshore and offshore administration.
  • Corporate secretarial services.
  • Corporate governance and board support.
  • Trustee services.
  • Registrar and transfer agency services.
  • Investor reporting.
  • Depositary services.
  • Compliance services.
  • Shariah compliant audit.
  • Shariah advice as required to any corporate matters in relation to the Project
  • Legal and audit services – negotiating fee structures with legal and accounting professional advisors.
  • Assistance in rating and listing the Sukuk – procuring rating and listing advice for the Sukuk.
  • Assistance in preparing marketing materials and business plans including information memorandum, verification assistance – reviewing and commenting on the Information Memorandum and Listing document preparation and ongoing client review of the pitch documents, preparation of the marketing material and other sales information and general support and input into business plans in relation to the project.
  • Marketing of the Clients’ activities, the project and the Sukuk, general marketing and promotion of the project and the Sukuk.
  • Other services – drafting and reviewing all necessary Shariah corporate approvals and documents and completing all necessary formalities, plus reviewing and assisting with all post-closing registrations and requirements, including Shariah Compliance.