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Yasaar Limited is an independent firm based in London and is not affiliated to any financial institution or investment organisation. It offers Shariah compliance services and consultancy to the various global financial institutions Our Shariah principals are fully bi-lingual in Arabic (as a first language) and in English, and their Shariah credentials are second to none. We add value to our services by specialising in Classical Arabic and modern financial Arabic.
These services are conducted on a strictly confidential client-to-client basis, subject to the legal provisions of the relevant jurisdiction of the client or financial structure, and the principles of the Islamic Shariah relating to Fiqh Al-Muamalat (Islamic Law Relating to Financial Transactions).
Yasaar Limited offers, inter alia, the following services:

  • Shariah Compliance for Financial Transactions
  • Shariah Compliance for Investment Funds (ex equities)
  • Shariah Compliance for Equity Funds (including structure, stock screening, financial ratios, purification, general guidelines)
  • Product Innovation & Development
  • Shariah Reviews & Annual Audit
  • Shariah Co-ordination Services
  • Research & Development

Yasaar Limited’s services are accompanied by the relevant compliance certificates, and duly dated and certified by the Shariah compliance principals. These certificates, where required, may be further endorsed by a fatwa (Islamic legal opinion), given by the Shariah principals.

Our services are aimed at the global finance sector and its related allied professions such as legal, auditing and accounting, trustees, custodians, ratings and listings agencies in North America, the UK, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and elsewhere where Islamic finance structures are in place or required.

Our Shariah financial compliance principals have a proven track record of advising regulatory authorities, financial institutions, entities and individuals, in a number of jurisdictions including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States, India, Lebanon, France, Germany, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russian Federation, and Bahrain.

A client can contact us at any appropriate phase of a policy initiative; a financial transaction structure; the establishment of an investment fund vehicle; and a Shariah compliance review or audit. Ideally, our involvement should be at the onset of any Shariah-compliant initiative or transaction. However, irrespective of timing, we will endeavour to provide a professional, value-added, competitively-priced, and

confidential service -always strictly in compliance with the Shariah.
Yasaar Limited
1 Liverpool Street
London EC2M 7QD. United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (020) 7956 2014
Fax: +44 (020) 7956 2001