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Living healthier, happier and longer. To that end, Triamant creates lively neighbourhoods for a mix of generations where health is the key focus. Triamant currently operates 5 such communities, but will soon have 25 spread across Belgium. It manages both the construction aspects and neighbourhood operations, representing over EUR 150 million in investments with an objective of 1 billion by 2025. Today, Triamant employs 130 staff members.

The Triamant infrastructure has been fully adapted to ensure that a seamless transition to the next stage of life. Here, moving is no longer necessary because there is a wide range of services available. Living autonomously, safeguarding your vitality and connecting with others in the community all take pride of place. People of all generations live through and with each other, and get the best out of themselves by taking advantage of good self-management and a strong social network. They are supported by the Triamant community and their living environment. In addition, health and care professionals are available 24/7. Assistance is always nearby, and customised solutions are available.

The ultimate goal of the Triamant integrated living approach? Adding life to years, and years to life!

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