The International Takaful Summit offers a flagship programme with in-depth analysis and insight about the forces driving change in the industry. It also explores the challenges and provides solutions to the most pressing Takaful issues.

The programme contains 8 – 9 sessions spread across the two day summit which includes, presentations by on average 40 of the world’s leading speakers. The programme also include panel discussions and question and answer sessions which offer an exceptional interactive platform for delegates.

Some of the many topics covered in previous programmes:

  • The Future of Takaful in a Changing World
  • Distribution of Takaful Products
  • Focus on selected Takaful Markets
  • Charting the Growth of Family Takaful in Malaysia
  • Modalities of Supporting Takaful Provision by Re-Takaful Providers
  • Challenges for Pension Provision in the Context of Takaful
  • Risk Management
  • The Increasing Focus on Risk Management for Takaful Operators
  • Understanding and Providing for Specific Takaful Risks
  • An Actuary’s Views on Specific Takaful / Re-Takaful Risk
  • Approaches to Address the “Sticky” Qard al Hassan Conundrum
  • Re-Takaful Provision
  • Asset Management
  • Providing Credible Asset Management for Takaful and re-Takaful Operators
  • Addressing Market Penetration and Increasing the Takaful Base
  • Understanding New Horizons in Takaful
  • Providing for Pensions and Annuities