Fyshe Crestar is at the forefront of the investment industry in providing bespoke investment solutions.

Our strategic emphasis is that Islamic Financial Services need to reach out and address the needs of the wider community if they are to make a meaningful impact. To do this, it is vital that the wisdom of Shari’ah is paired with conventional skills that drive results. Innovation and a choice of products and services are vital in ensuring that the Islamic Financial Services succeed in positioning themselves as a viable alternative.

Fyshe Crestar is a trading name of Fyshe Horton Finney Ltd, a firm that traces its history to 1896 and that is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Fyshe Crestar is a flagship brand established in 2003 to cater for those developing Shari'ah compliant investment products and seeking distribution channels to retail clients.

We are vertically integrated and are a one stop for bespoke Shari'ah screening, executing business on regulated global markets and distribution of regulated products in the UK and European Union. Our range of services are bespoke, designed to be competitive and meet the highest standards of quality.